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Film Music

These are compositions that I created to films, whether professional films, or independent films. I am currently composing a score for a short series (2022). Keep watch for updates about this on my Twitter :-)

Po's Journey [Rescore of Kung Fu Panda 2] (2020)

For my degree, I had to choose a film scene from any film, and rescore the scene to my own music. I chose Kung Fu Panda 2, which allowed me to explore Chinese instruments, and study the Chinese Classical Orchestra. The flautist on this is a friend that was on my University course :-).

Lost/Found (2018)

I had a commission to compose some music for two short films, with the same titles as the named pieces. The first film (Lost) was about a young boy suffering from depression in silence, leading to an attempted suicide, saved by his friend. The second film (Found) is this survivor of suicide then reaching out to another young kid to stop them from committing suicide.

Expectations (2019)

This is a short composition that I composed for someone's 1 minute Valentine's Day submission. If you want to check out the music with the video, click the link here! :-)

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