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Here are a few examples of improvisation works that I have completed over time. There are many others that I have recorded, others I haven't recorded, that have not made it here. Some of these will be showcased on this page, and so will future ones too. Keep a look out!

improvisation collection (2020)

Here are a few improvisations that I did in 2020. Each improvisation is accompanied with a video from my bedroom. Enjoy! (They aren't perfect, but will hopefully show my progress as time goes on).

Improvisation Live @ small seeds (2021)

My first improvised live performance. I was invited to play at this humble venue, and was eager to perform something, anything. This is the result, piano, with some vocals, going on a small journey. Hope you can enjoy! :-)

Instagram Improvisations (2018-2019)

Here is a small collection of improvisations that I uploaded to Instagram over the course of 2018 and 2019. Relax, and enjoy these small improvisatory bites!

innsjø (2021)

I met another musician, who was very good to get to know. His stage name is Adenico. We took a practice room with a piano, and showcased to each other piano works. This is a recording of an improvisation I did from that session. It is one of my favourite improvisations that I have done. He said it sounded like a snow storm. Another one of my friends said it was like a boat sailing across a lake. The title is Norweigan for lake.

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