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My favourite page. This page showcases all the singles, or all the songs that I have composed. I have plenty that I am working on, and these songs will be released over the course of 2022. For now, enjoy the selection below:

If I Could (2021)

ft. Ayesha Clark, Stephanie-Michelle Indge, Ashley Helal

My most listened to song on my Spotify so far. This song was conceived from a dream. I woke up with the idea, recorded it quickly on piano, then didn't come back to it until a couple months later, when I then wrote the lyrics and asked the collaborators to lend me their vocals and ukulele playing. :-)

Fly Away (2021)

ft. Miss Valerie, Toby Renwick, Joseph Zbos

I began this song and completed the song in 2020, beginning with a piano part that I was providing for an old school friend's composition. I then converted the piano part into a completely different song, inspired by Esperenza Spalding and Hiatus Kaiyote's Nakamarra. The composition was written with the singer's voice in mind, as I had worked with them prior at University, in pre-pandemic conditions.

Wonder (2021)

I always wanted to compose a choral piece of this sort of style, with Bach like horizontal lines of melody, infused with rich and yearning harmony. This was my chance to do so. Inspired by Samuel-Coleridge Taylor, I composed this piece by beginning with a short acapella that I had composed back in 2019. Click here for the score.

Unity (2021)

ft. Dee Bo General, Chloecsmusic (saxophone)

This was my first reggae piece that I completed. In this process of working with a veteran in this style of music, I learnt a lot about the composition process of this music, and I had to spend time refining the music as he had such a strong ear for what the sound needed to be to be authentic. I am looking forward to working with him again!

Breathe (2021)

ft. Liseli B, Nairaah K, Isaac Saierre, Huddersfield New Testament Church of God

This is the biggest song out of the whole of my Rootswork (2021) project. It was completed, from start to finish in three weeks, and arranging all the music parts and adding the vocals that I had received was done within 12 intense hours on the day of the project deadline. I made further refinements to this before releasing on October 16th. You can read about the process here!

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