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Feature Projects

Here, you can find out about the latest projects that I am working on, whether that be music projects, art projects, photography project, and more!

Rootswork (2021)

Audio Film: 04/09/21

rootswork logo3 5000.png

On the right is the official trailer I produced for Rootswork.

Next Showings:

Friday 25th February 2022 - 7pm BST

Saturday 26th February 2022 - 7pm BST

Rootswork is a full-feature audio film, telling the story of young people, trying to find their identity and purpose through searching their musical roots. A story of struggle, hope, understanding, growth and unity.


This was a large project that I completed for my Final Year at University, which I directed, wrote the script for, composed and edited all together between January - May 2021. It premiered on the 4th September 2021.

A blog will be coming soon to explain the story and process behind the project!

Rootswork - Soundtrack Album (2021)

Complimenting my short film is a soundtrack album, with all the music that features in the album. Featuring a range of genres: Classical, African Music, Lo-fi, Folk, Gospel, Reggae, Hip-hop and more.

Left, is a video featuring some of the tracks on the album, to give you a taste of what is included in it!

Available on Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp (bake_kidd). Two bonus tracks feature on Soundcloud version.

Album: 16/10/21

Deep River (Piano Solo)

This is Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's beautiful arrangement of a traditional negro spiritual. I film this outside in my garden, to experiment with filming a piano video with different angles.

Venue Promotion Videos

Check out my promotion videos for venues in Birmingham, for DJ L.King (@djl.king_events). The videos are filmed and edited by myself. To find out more about this, and the photography work that I do, click here.

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