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Electronic Music

My experiments with synthesised sounds can be found here. Not all my electronic work is here, yet. I am working on many, and there is still some to be added to this page!

Amber Syke - Howlin' (remix)

In my first year of University, we were given some songs that we had to create remixes out of. As I was listening heavily to Japanese music, I really wanted to incorporate the interesting elements into this. I hope to create an album in this style one day!

Night Ride (Week 1, Day 1)

'Night Ride' is cinematically crafted electronic burst of senses inspired by retro video game music, lo-fi, trap and Drum and Bass. I hope to turn this into a series of albums, each album reflecting the seven days of the week, and points in the day for each (Night Ride, Day Made, Evensong). That is all that will be revealed for now...

Festival Frenzy 

'Festival Frenzy', a fusion of Brazilian Samba rhythm and vibrant Japanese Electronic energy! ​​

Tetris Caverns

Explore an electronic underworld of sounds, in a future where arcade Tetris machines can be discovered as fossilised relics deep in the earth.

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