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Social Media

Here are my myriad social media pages! They are each categorised according to the different things that I do. You can find all these links by clicking here for my Linktree.

Main Socials

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Instagram (@ty_yo_lace) - My personal instagram!

Facebook (Tyriq Baker) - My Facebook page, where I will be sharing the music I am doing and more!

Twitter (@ty_yo_lace) - Follow me on Twitter for quickfire updates of what I am doing

LinkedIn (Tyriq Baker) - Connect with me!

Music Pages

  • 681e708f071c25f12207d8afd36e08e0
  • Spotify_Logo_RGB_Black_edited
  • 300px-YouTube_social_dark_circle_(2017).svg
  • 300px-YouTube_social_dark_circle_(2017).svg
  • 600px-Bandcamp-button-circle-black.svg
  • Instagram

Soundcloud (@bake_kidd_) - My catalogue of music, including exclusive uploads where copyright would be an issue on other platforms! :0

Spotify (@bake_kidd_) - My official Spotify page! Watch here for new singles in 2022!

YouTube (xxlbetuzium) - Music Videos, Trailers for upcoming projects and more!

Bandcamp (@bake_kidd_) - Find exclusive

Instagram (@bake_kidd_) - Instagram page specifically for music updates

Blog Pages

  • YouTube
  • blog-black-icon-social-media-icon-png-and-vector-for-free-download-560988
  • university-of-huddersfield-logo-black-and-white_edited
  • icon_ameblo_edited

YouTube (Betuzium) - I will be posting vlogs every now and then, covering a range of different topics.

Blogger (Imajitsu) - My blog page, where you can find more topics that I discuss. I will be posting a blog about the audio film, Rootswork, that I have ben working on

Huddersfield University  - Check out the Blogs and Vlogs that I created whilst I was studying at Huddersfield University, for the University

Ameba (yasukekun) - My Japanese blog, for a Japanese blog site. 


Photography Pages

  • Instagram-black-and-white-logo-vector-png-(5)
  • android-black_edited
  • [CITYPNG.COM]Round Black Pinterest Computer Icon Logo - 980x980

Instagram (reekey_photos) - A showcase of some of my photography work!

Tumblr (reekeystenchyuck) - A place where I post my landscape photos with some context to the image. A little story perhaps. Empty at the moment.

Pinterest  (reekeystench) - Empty now, but will contain more pictures that I didn't include in my Instagram page


Art Pages

  • android-black_edited
  • Instagram-black-and-white-logo-vector-png-(5)
  • YouTube

Instagram (tai_riku_) - A showcase of some of the art work I have been doing.

Tumblr (taitairiku) - Empty at the moment, but will be sharing art work drafts and development posts with artwork.

YouTube () - Videos showing my artwork progress etc.


Languages Pages

  • discord_black_logo_icon_147145
  • 681e708f071c25f12207d8afd36e08e0
  • Instagram-black-and-white-logo-vector-png-(5)
  • Instagram-black-and-white-logo-vector-png-(5)
  • YouTube

Discord (Japanese Study Group) - Discord Server ran by me and my small team of volunteers! Lessons, movie nights and a community where you can learn Japanese together!

Soundcloud (Language Lounge) - A page where I will be uploading podcasts about language learning tips in general.

Instagram (Language Lounge) - Instagram page to compliment the YouTube page, where there will be short clips to help with language learning.

Instagram (Sentence of the Day) - A sentence uploaded once every day, in Japanese. Currently still in the works, but click the link to find out what is currently there

YouTube (Language Lounge) - Livestreams and Videos from the Discord video are uploaded here, lessons about Japanese learning, how to learn, and more!

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