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Valerija Ivancenko


I have worked on a few songs with Tyriq, where he played piano. We have worked on relatively complex songs, but I didn’t expect such an easy and quick progress after the first rehearsal. Tyriq is a hard working musician and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him!


Member of 'Quentin' Band

Tyriq was professional, well-rehearsed, and open to new ideas. His playing added a new flavour to the music that I didn’t even know was missing. A tasteful touch, highly recommend!

Jon de Mello


I first met Tyriq at the McMillan singing group ( Huddersfield) back in 2019. He was thrown pretty much in the deep end. I was very impressed by the way he was able to read sheet music quickly then transpose it into various keys enabling the choir to sing at their best. He also had a good ear and was able to pick up songs without music quickly and also solo with confidence on the fly
Looking forward to one day teaming up again after Covid.
Keep hitting the right notes.

Nadine Bedward


When I needed help with my piano, whether that was for my grade exams or composition work, Tyriq would happily help me. He has great communication skills for teaching as well as that he’s patient



I have worked with Tyriq on various projects throughout lockdown where he has recorded clarinet and keys to a high standard for collaborative projects. He is an excellent musician and communicator and this makes working with him very rewarding

Merle Calderbank

Sandwell Music Service

Tyriq is a versatile musician specialising in piano, clarinet and bassoon. With his cheerful character and amazing musicality he will inspire musicians of the future.

Jordan Kinsey

Jazz Trombonist

I have had the pleasure of performing with Tyriq in a variety of musical contexts on a number of occasions and his musical qualities are invaluable to collaborative performance. He has an intuitive way of communicating to an audience that makes performances really shine, and his pure enjoyment when performing is contagious for both listeners and those collaborating with him.

Tyriq's endeavor to create special musical moments to share with people is such a refreshing quality. Each time I have performed with him, this quality has taken me back to the reason I love music and performance, making each performance with him an absolute pleasure.

Collaborating with Tyriq is a delight, not only due of his musical qualities, but his personal ones also.

Craig Thorpe


The musical composition that Tyriq worked on for my short film was nothing short of excellent. He followed the directive that I gave him but added his own elements to it to take it to that next level of quality.

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